Will I have a roommate?
Due to the layout and available accommodations of our retreat facilities, separate sleeping quarters are provided for men and women.  Two or more people will share each room.
Do we have to be there for the entire program - Friday evening through Sunday afternoon?
Yes.  We know that with work, school, wedding planning, other commitments and the general stresses of life, it can be difficult to set aside an entire weekend.  However, for you to most benefit from the retreat (and in order to receive your certificate upon completion) you do need to be in attendance for the entire Friday 7:30pm-Sunday 4pm Engaged Encounter experience.  Plus, this is just ONE weekend to spend preparing for a lifetime of marriage together -- think of this time together as a true gift to your relationship!
Can we bring pets to the weekend?
We are sorry, but the answer is no, as our facilities won't allow it. Thank you for making other arrangements.
What time does the retreat start on Friday and when will it be over Sunday?
Check-in starts at 7pm on Friday evening.  The program begins at 7:40pm..  We conclude the weekend by 4pm on Sunday afternoon.
Do we have to be Catholic?
The weekend retreat is designed for couples who are preparing for marriage in the Catholic church.  While the weekend is Catholic in orientation, couples of all faiths are welcome. In fact, often couples that participate are inter-faith (i.e., one is Catholic, the other is not).
When should we go on our weekend?
Weekends fill up fast, so it's best to reserve your space early. Typically, four to six months before your wedding is the recommended time to go.  Online  Registration is available for your convenience.
When are the weekends held?
In the Seattle area, typically, there is one Engaged Encounter weekend each month. See the current schedule for available dates. Please note  that weekends generally fill up very quickly. If you require a specific date, your booking should be made at least 6 months in advance!
Where are the weekends held?
Your weekend will be in a peaceful, wooded setting, far from the everyday world, providing a special atmosphere for growth and togetherness.  Get more details on our Locations page.
What is the cost?
The weekend cost varies by location. The in-parish retreat is $195/couple which includes all meals Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, all supplies, handouts and administrative expenses. The Warm Beach location cost is $395/couple. Additional cost covers 2 nights of lodging. Engaged Encounter is a non-profit organization developed and presented by volunteers. Financial assistance is available. Engaged Encounter has a policy not to turn away any couples due to lack of funds. Please contact coordinators@ceeseattle.org for further information.
What if we need to cancel/reschedule?
If you cancel 3 weeks prior to your selected weekend you will receive a full refund. If you cancel 2 weeks prior to your selected weekend we will retain a $40 processing fee. If you cancel within 2 weeks of your selected weekend no refund will be given, as Engaged Encounter must pay the facilities in advance. If you need to reschedule send an email to registration@ceeseattle.org. We can forward your funds to another one of our available weekends.